Monday, 27 March 2017

LA2 Vir sanctus

Vir sanctus is the 2nd Psalm Antiphon at Lauds (hence LA2) in the office of St Magnus. There are two other antiphons in the office which also begin Vir sanctus, so the 'serial number' is useful for avoiding confusion.

Vir sanctus occíditur, *
cujus dant stupórem
Signa: cecos lúminant,
témperant furórem.

The holy man is killed, 
whose miracles cause astonishment: 
they enlighten the blind, 
they restrain madness.

Click here for a practice recording. 

Model: Totus orbis (office of St Thomas). Recordings by Schola Hungarica (track 20) (video below) and Schola Gregoriana of Cambridge (track 10; starts at 7'25").

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