Monday, 19 November 2012

Recordings: Compline on Tuesday per annum

As a learning aid, I have made some recordings of Compline as we are singing it on Tuesday evenings, following the order of Compline found in the liturgical books of the Use of Nidaros. Click on the respective parts of the Office to play an mp3 file.

Preamble (Jube, Domine, &c.)
Opening verses (Converte nos, &c.)
Antiphon: Miserere mihi
Psalm 4
Psalm 30
Psalm 90
Psalm 133
Antiphon: Miserere mihi (repeated)
Hymn: Te lucis
Chapter (Jeremiah 14.9)
Versicle (Custodi nos, &c.)
Antiphon: Salva nos
Canticle: Nunc dimittis
Antiphon: Salva nos (repeated)
Preces part 1
Preces part 2
Preces part 3
Preces part 4
Prayer: Illumina quaesumus
Benedicamus Domino
Antiphon in honour of our Lady: O florens rosa
Antiphon in honour of St Magnus: O martyr Magne

For the record, the total length of these recordings comes to 21 minutes 30 seconds.

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